We are Aeon CyberDefense, your First Line of Defense against the Current and Future Generation of CyberAttacks.

Our Mission is to provide Real CyberDefense Solutions which translates into effective protection and Attack Prevention Policies for your Company or Organization. After extensive experience with most competing Products and Services working in several Areas as Industrial, Medical, Retail and Commerce we have realized that the vast majority of CyberDefense solutions fall short on its promises. 

These still allow serious CyberAttacks to happen at your Company and Incident Response Times of typical Security Services are not satisfactory to us.

In most cases analyzed, when the attacks are successful, the time frame for the information system to be compromised is still very short. The time between the first hostile action and an asset being compromised is often measured in seconds or minutes. However, the time frame for discovery or detection, which depends largely on the type of attack, is usually expressed in days, weeks, or months.  These timeframes may be too long and Incident Response too late for providing adequate Asset protection.

At Aeon CyberDefense  we believe your Company or Organization Deserves to be continuously protected, and Incident Response must prevent Automatically Asset Compromise, no matter how complex the Attack.