Introducing Aeon CyberDefense Secure Meeting™️

Aeon CyberDefense Secure Meeting™️ is our Cloud-Based Solution for Professional Videoconferencing. Built on robust, solid foundations employing WebRTC technology and highly scalable up to a great number of users, Secure Meeting is the Videoconferencing Solution which never disappoints. Designed with Security and Privacy in mind, it doesn’t require accounts or personal information to be uploaded online. Enjoy crisp video and high quality sound from any device, anywhere. Forget about dropped Videocalls, Videoconference Hacking by Unauthorized Users, time or participant limits and enjoy a Secure and Dependable Videoconferencing solution that doesn’t let you down.



-No installation required, No intrusive Apps

-Works Universally on Any Device just using a Web Browser

-Higher Video and Sound Quality

-Stable Videocalls

-Incredibly secure featuring DTLS encryption

-No identifiable user data needed, No accounts

-No user data or calls stored online

-No need to configure routers or firewalls

-Desktop and Mobile Devices Supported

-Highly Scalable


16€ Device/Month on a Single Yearly Payment:

1 Endpoint, 1 Year Subscription 192€

(At least 2 Endpoints needed for Communication)

(Select more than 1 unit on checkout for multiple Endpoints, 1 Year Subscription)

After payment, you’ll be sent Instructions and Access Credentials to the Service in 24H.