Aeon CyberDefense Appliances are the first in industry which are truly capable of providing reliable timestamps for events and accurate time delivery services which are provided by the incorporation of Satellite Time-Sync features.

The configuration of the GPS satellite constellation is comprised currently of a network of 30 operational satellites in a high orbit around the Earth. The satellite orbits are so distributed that at lest 4 satellites are always visible from any point on Earth at any given time. Each satellite carries several Rubidium or Cesium-Based Atomic Clocks that are so stable that someone would have to observe a GPS clock for 32,000 years to note it gain or lose a single second. Our Appliances are able to link to GPS Satellite Clocks for increased accuracy of discovered events.

Due to current advances in GPS signal reception technology, this Time Acquisition method is superior in results to those obtained by Land Radio-Frequency Time Sources, which cannot always compensate for weather conditions or other sources of interference when transmitting the time signal.

With these services enabled in our Appliances, you can be assured of accurate time on networked equipment and correct execution of critical scheduled tasks, like backups and other time-dependent processes.

Surveillance, Presence and Access systems can benefit enormously by obtaining their time from a local, secure appliance in the place of relying on vulnerable Internet Time Servers prone to CyberAttacks.