Aeon CyberDefense Delivers Industry First CyberSecure VPN for Mobile Devices

At Aeon CyberDefense Your Privacy Matters. That’s why we have developed the most advanced VPN Services to guarantee the Integrity and Confidentiality of your Data. But it doesn’t stops here.

The Difference

Typical VPN services usually perform a good job encrypting your data, making it unavailable to prying Third Parties or Malicious Actors, as hiding your real IP Address from Internet sites.

However, in such cases your devices are still exposed to unprotected Internet, becoming a target for device exploits, code injection and other forms of compromise. 

Device software updates keep your Smartphone or Tablet up to current levels of protection. But today, even such measures are insufficient to avoid device exploits which could result in the implantation of malicious software and other CyberSpying Tools.


At Aeon CyberDefense Our Mission consist of delivering the highest levels of protection employing advanced State-of-Art Technology providing additional benefits:

-Avoid “In The Wild” exploits which steal private information and files from your device

-Make your device unexploitable by Malicious Actors, no matter their motivations and resources. Avoid Call Recording, Photos or Location Retrieval and other forms of eavesdropping.

-Protect traffic in transit blocking unwanted and malicious data flows from or to your device

-Effectively hide your real IP Address and avoid dangerous DNS leaks which reveal your device information and location.

-Increase VPN Performance and Latency enabling an optimal Internet experience for Instant Messaging and Videoconferencing.

-Reduce overhead on your device for fluid multitasking and save power thanks to our efficient VPN technology which reduces device resource utilization.

-Privacy First: we don’t save Customer VPN usage log for total peace of mind. We mind our own business!

-Extreme Security In Transit: Our Advanced VPN Services encrypt data employing the most secure encryption algorithms to guarantee 100% Privacy no matter who may be trying to eavesdrop your Data. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) employed is certified by the U.S. Department of Defense to meet the most demanding requirements to protect “Top Secret” Level Information. Aeon CyberDefense Customers value their Online Asset Security and demand only the highest protection standards. We are here to deliver.


Type: IKEv2 VPN.

Compatible Devices: iOS, Android.

Security: AES-256 encryption algorithm + Integrated CyberDefense.


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