Until now, practically all CyberSecurity Companies and Corporate IT departments have secured their customer’s networks through custom tools or some Threat Prevention Appliance, New Generation Firewall (NGFW) or Unified Threat Management (UTM) device also known as All-In-One Appliance.

Limitations of NGFW/UTM

At Aeon CyberDefense we have realized that this type of NGFW or UTM Appliance, despite numerous built-in functionalities (firewall, threat prevention, routing, switching, ACL, VPN, SSL proxy, wifi hotspots, etc…) simply are not as effective as they appear because they include limited hardware and software resources which manifest in insufficient traffic scanning capabilities, appreciable  latency, slowing of communications, bottlenecks, delayed security updates, unwanted website or domain blocking, incompatibilities with applications, parameterization difficulties, etc… forcing system administrators to disable functions or reduce security features in order to achieve an acceptable network performance in many cases. These problems at the end of the day completely defeat the very purpose these devices were manufactured for.

Unlike New Generation Firewalls or UTM devices, Aeon CyberDefense Appliances offer Full Spectrum protection and are not limited to generic applications protection in the manner competing offerings are. ZeroSecond Protection Technology safeguards your Company or Organization from the latest Threats, both known and unknown, without impact on your network’s performance.

Thoroughly Protect your Online Assets 24/7 Effectively

Full Spectrum Analysis capabilities enable your Company to discover advanced CyberThreats against your connected assets well before serious compromise occurs.They are capable of achieving this by thoroughly analyzing every incoming and outgoing packets, at full line speeds and with zero packet loss. This way you can stay ahead of the curve without experiencing Operations disruption. By adding this powerful protection layer to your current Network Security stack, you can be assured of early warning and resiliency against the most complex and difficult-to-detect CyberThreats.

Enjoy the Benefits of Full Spectrum CyberDefense Now